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Over the last decade the concept of clustering has become a central idea for analyzing the competitiveness of nations, industries and firms. This Web Page shows how the cluster concept can be usefully applied to the study of maritime activities.

Such activities, including shipping, shipbuilding and port and maritime services, are clearly geographically concentrated in a number of maritime clusters. However, these are having to compete with other uses of the coasts and oceans including capture fisheries, marine aquaculture, offshore energy and tourism. Sound governance and planning is therefore required to manage the competing claims for ocean space. This WEB page shows how competing industries and other stakeholders can cooperate and benefit from an integrated approach to the development of maritime clusters.

The contribution of approaches such as integrated coastal zone management and innovations such as ocean business councils, as well as coordinated networks of maritime clusters are reviewed.

Table of Contents

1. Collaborative Economic Development

2. The Growing Multi-Use Ocean

3. Management Strategies within a MSP Framework

4. Managing Conflicts of Interest

5. Marine and Coastal Aquaculture

6. Marine Renewable Energy in the Context of Sustainable Oceans

7. Integrated Coastal Zone Management

8. Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Table of Contents

9. Ocean Governance and the Blue Economy

10. The Ocean Business Community

11. Organized Ocean Business

12. Tourism in Coastal Areas

13. Maritime Clusters Cooperating to Compete

14. Constructing a Local Maritime Cluster

15. Maritime Cluster Networks

16. Clusters and Stewardship


Naval & Shipbuilding Industry

Maritime Transport Development

SeaFoods & Fishery Development

Sustainable Port Infrastructure

Smart Digital Ports & Harbors

Multimodal Transport Platform

Cargo Maritime Transport Services

Antarctic Shipping & Logistics

FLUVIAL Transport Services

C4-MARTIME Sourviellance

MARITIME Cybersecurity

Naval Quantum DATA.LINK Systems

Maritime Robotics & Autonomy

Marine Drones


Marine Ecology & Environment

Smart & Green SHIPPING


Yachts & Receational Activities

New Naval Propulsion Systems

Coastal & Maritime Tourism

Advanced & Disruptive Technology

Blue Economy & Marine Resources

Maritime Academy & Training

International Antarctica Activities: Services, Support & Solutions

Antarctic Strategy & Planning

Antarctic Territorial Development, MasterPLANs and Programs, Antarctic Geopolitics & Strategy, Public Policies, International Cooperation, UN 2030 Agenda: Sustainable Development Goals, Public Services, etc.


Regulations Related to the Antarctic Treaty, Antarctic System, Antarctic Scientific Research Institutes, etc.

Antarctic Consulting Services

Design, Rental, Acquisition, Construction or Operation of PolarShips, Icebreakers, Oceanographic Vessel, Aircrafts, Ground transportation and other operating systems in polar regions.-

Antarctic Scientific Stations

International Antarctic Scientific Stations, International cooperation, Exchange Programs, Multimodal Logistic Support, Antarctic Health, Well-being and Quality of life of scientific and logistical support personnel, etc.

Antarctic Scientific Activities

Scientific laboratories, Research and development, science and technology, special equipment, meteorological stations, renewable energies, energy efficiency, monitoring systems and geo-positioning, etc.

Ecology & Antarctic Environment

Comprehensive Antarctic Waste Management, Antarctic Environmental Remediation, Transportation and Final Disposal of Antarctic Waste, Antarctic Sustainable Development Programs, Zero Emission Programs.

Antarctic Shipping & Logistics

Maritime Transport Service in Polar Waters, Antarctic Logistics Services, Logistic Supply of Antarctic Scientific Stations with Antarctic Polar Container Ship

Antarctic Infrastructure

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), support and Installation of Antarctic infrastructures: Ports, New Advanced and Self-sustaining Antarctic Scientific Stations. Port Facilities & Port Services, etc.


Advanced Polar Quantum Telecommunications System, Antarctic Multidomain Datalink System [Video, Voice, Data], Q Internet, Mobile Phones, Cybersecurity, GeoData, IOT, Robotics, Autonomous, Remote, etc.

Antarctic Aerial Service

Antarctic TOURISM & Expeditions

Antarctic EMERSAR

International Search and Rescue Service in Polar Regions, Antarctic Spaces Monitoring and Control System, Multidomain Surveillance and Response to Emergency, Crisis & Risk Management.


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