Services & Solutions

Disruptive Technology & Advanced Knowledge for NAVAL Market

Services & Solutions

New Markets Development

Disruptive Technology Solutions

Soluciones Tecnologicas Emergentes y Disruptivas

Corporate Gobernance & Strategy

Development and implementation of new and advanced capabilities within the corporation; Command and control rooms; Efficiency and situational awareness; Location centers and corporate decision making; immediate planning; Corporate Strategy; Corporate Planning, Progemmes and Control; New Business Development; Corporate Smart Governance; Digital transformation programs; Business Intelligence; Operational, Logistics & Finance Solutions; etc.

DIGITAL Transformation Programs

The technology is causing the biggest shake up of processes and ways of working since the industrial revolution and shipping companies are beginning to understand its potential. “Over the past few years, rapid technological advances in digitisation and data and analytics have been reshaping the business landscape, supercharging performance and enabling the emergence of new business innovations and new forms of competition and business disruption.” (McKinsey)

"Maritime" C4-DATA.Link

[C4] Command, Control, Communications & Computing - Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Capability [ISR], Georeferenced Data Management System (GIS); Geospatial database & Solutions; Safety & Secure RealTime DATALINK; Maritime Operational & Logistics Fleet Managment Control. DATA Analysis & DATA Intelligence Division & Software Development Solutions.

"Marine" REMOTE DATA.Link

"Maritime" TRACKER DATA.Link

Seafood & Fisheries .:. IT Solutions

Quantum Cyber Security Link

Marine Safety Investigation

Remote DATA LABs - Investigation

Disruptive Technology Solutions

Soluciones Tecnologicas Emergentes y Disruptivas

Smart PORTS & DIGITAL Customs

Green PORTS & EcoPorts

Sustainable PORT Development

Ship Waste & Slops Disposal

MARPOL Services: Marine Environment & EcoPorts; Services & Technological Solutions for Integral Waste Management Activities, Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities

MARINE Biotechnology

BioTech Labs: BioControl Products & Environmental Solutions, BioMaterials - BioFuels - Bioremediation Products. MicroBiology & BioFoods Industry, Single Cell Proteins (SCP), Scientific Nutrition: Supplemented Foods, Animal Nutrition.

Maritime Academy & Training

Maritime Cargo Transport Services

FLUVIAL Transport Services

Fishing Vessels & Market

OffShore Oil & Gas

Marine Renewable Energy

Mineral MARINE Resources

Oil, Chemical & Products Tanker

OSVs - Offshore Support Vessels

Antarctic Shipping & Logistics


MARITIME Sourviellance & Patrol

Emergency & SAR Services

NAVAL Propulsion .:. New Systems

Naval & Shipbuilding Industry

Green Ship Scrapping & Recycling

Disruptive Technology Solutions

Soluciones Tecnologicas Emergentes y Disruptivas

Green & Smart SHIPPING

Autonomous, Robotics & Drones

NAVAL Quantum DATA.Link

Government & Public Policies

SEA POWER: New Capabilities

Maritime Control & Border Security