Geo Intelligence Maritime Systems



"Maritime" TRACKER DATA.Link

GeoSpatial Data & Cyber Secure Link: Equipment & Systems, Tracking & Monitoring Solutions, Marine Autonomous Ships; Smart Shipping; Equipment & Systems for Marine Accident Data Analysis; Voyage Operations Quality Assurance; Multimodal Transport DataLink, C4-MARITIME DataLink; etc.

Fleet Management & Control

Seafood & Fisheries .:. IT Solutions

MARITIME Quantum Cybersecurity

Quantum UltraSecure DataLink & Networks, Quantum Cryptography & Quantum Communications for Cyber Security & Defense Naval Data: "Quantum Black BOX" QBB, Keyless Dynamic Coding Protocol [QKL-DC], Space Quantum Key Delivery Satellite Services, Enanced Algorithms, Hacker-Proof Boolean Entanglement Apps, Quantum Mutidomain Datalink, Q_IOT & Quantum Ultra Secure Mobiles Phones.-

Marine Safety Investigation System

Marine SIS - (Safety Investigation System): Ultra-secure and real-time maritime data link system, with a "Remote Black Box" device plus an embedded quantum cryptography device (QBB "Quantum Black BOX") that ensures the protection of data generated, transmitted, housed in the cloud, and its safe reception in the research laboratories, for its decryption, reading and analysis of the technical and operational data generated by ships in navigation, ports, AIS, etc, and determining the causes of incidents and accidents of the maritime industry.

DATA Analysis & DATA Intelligence

Services: Analysis and Playback Facilities; Incident Replay and Analysis; Routine/Long Term Monitoring Remote Navigation Audits; Systems & Software: MAC-DAS: (Marine Accident-Data ANALYSIS System); MAC-DCS (Marine Accident-Data CAPTURE System); V-OQA (Voyage-Operations QUALITY Assurance); V-DCS (Voyage-Data CAPTURE System)

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Smart & Digital PORTS